Top 10 Fundraising Platforms which charges enormous amounts from NonProfits

Crowdfunder can be used by a variety of people and organisations to raise money for any cause and therefore has varying fees to reflect that. For charities, the platform waives any processing fees, so fundraisers set up for or by charities are free and donors are encouraged to donate extra to cover costs.

What charities get for a £10 donation:

Processing Fee: none

Gift Aid: Yes

Service Fee: £3

Total to Charity: £9.50

DONATE is another platform that provides individual giving via SMS text, contactless and mobile web. Services also include a text-raffle and full charity auction capability. The platform offers key benefits for charities, including real-time integrated reporting across text/web/contactless, case studies, fundraising advice and PR support, regular payments of donated funds to charities and much more. 

What charities get for a £10 donation:
Processing Fee: 4.5%

Gift Aid: If applicable
Total To Charity: £9.55

Enthuse charges some extra fees for access to its online fundraising technology, which vary according to whether you are setting up a hosted website or integrating donations with your existing website. Donors have the option to cover some of the transaction fee. The platform allows charities to set up customisable fundraising pages through a range of paid-for packages. At a minimum, Enthuse gives charities complete branding autonomy for their fundraising pages, as well as bespoke data management, event fundraising management, customised corporate fundraising and an inter-connected community fundraising portal.

What charities get for a £10 donation:

Processing Fee: 0%

Gift Aid: Yes

Service Fee: 0.5% + 20p

Total to Charity: £12.13

Founded in 2007, Everyday Hero helps charities around the world and so far, 5,689 have benefited from the Blackbaud-backed platform. Used by charities such as Oxfam or British Heart Foundation, Everyday Hero is more than just a fundraising platform as supporters can also volunteer to the cause whilst seeing their real time impact via the Giving footprint.

Charities first need to register on the platform for free- there are no membership fees. They can then build their own fully branded fundraising websites. The platform has the option for the donor to pay transaction fees, so the charity will then receive 100% of their selected amount.

What charities get for a £10 donation:

Processing Fee: 4.25% + credit card fee between 1.6% and 2.8%

Gift Aid: Yes

Service Fee: No

Total to Charity: Depends on the payment method

Givey is a fundraising platform that exclusively focuses on smaller charities, with a focus on social giving. It lets supporters donate to UK-based charities through social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo.

Smaller charities make up 95% of the sector. Yet 90% of donations go to larger charities. This platform seeks to level the playing field, by helping smaller organisations to reach a like-minded supporter base.

The platform is joint-best for money given to charities, with a £10.00 donation (with Gift Aid) raising £2.50 for charity. Businesses can run match-funding schemes where they can match each employee donation up to double the amount raised, and the platform offers free marketing support for charities.

What charities get for a £10 donation:

Processing Fee: None

Gift Aid: Charities can claim it themselves from Givey’s data

Service Fee: None

Total To Charity: £12.50

Global Giving is a non-profit organisation that allows people to build free fundraising webpages, as well as connecting charity projects with corporate fundraising opportunities and CSR initiatives. The platform provides corporate and match-funding opportunities, plus training, support and tools for charities.

In 17 years, the platform has raised over $421 Million for over 24, 000 projects. The community is free to join, with no application or subscription fees. Instead, they retain a 5-12% non-profit support fee on donations, plus a 3% processing and transaction fee. This means that a donation of £10 (with Gift Aid) would raise £11.25 for charity.

Global Giving do make a commitment to raise more money than they take in fees from your organisation. For every $1 that goes to Global Giving in fees, they raise an average of $2 for your cause through matching funds, corporate partner donations, bonus rewards, marketing efforts and gift cards.

Membership fee: None

What charities get for a £10 donation:

Processing Fee: 3%

Gift Aid: Yes

Service Fee: 5-7%

Total to Charity: £11.25

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