The WHY of SOCIAL giving

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Social connections and peer influence impact non-profit fundraising and  at a time when non-profit organizations are forced to evaluate their fundraising and engagement plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to embrace the power of social connections and their impact on giving.

 In the past 5 years Individual donors have become more socially connected to non-profits. This rise in “social giving” represents donations happening both online and in-person as donors give at fundraising events, sponsor a peer in a fundraising event, or donate to a peer’s occasion or challenge campaign.

A  study of 1000 social donors who donated through fundraising events and peer-to-peer campaigns was conducted to understand their motivators, preferences, and giving behaviour.

Some interesting findings are below

  • Social Donors motivated by an easy giving experience, affinity to the mission, and a clear understanding of the impact of their donation.
  • Majority hear about a social giving opportunity from their friends, family, and colleagues and aren’t very familiar with a cause before giving. 
  • First-time donors consider ease and social connection (i.e., supporting the person who asked you to donate) especially important,
  • Social Donors are least likely to be motivated by incentives, gifts, or tax deductions.

With donors and supporters now engaging with your cause and fundraising in a virtual world, it’s important to keep these motivators in mind as you find new find ways to connect online and bring your mission to life.

SYNE facilitates social giving by providing an effective platform for non-profits to connect with like-minded investors providing reach as well as transparency.

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