The Importance of Social Order in social change

Social change is an ongoing phenomenon and to foresee the next process in social change one needs a thorough changing social order. This is one of the broadest ways of looking at social change, which can be classified broadly as follows:

  1. Change within the social structure which helps to maintain it
  2. Change that can modify the structure, which is referred to as “societal change.”

 Changes can also start small but if they remain so will not make an impact until a critical mass is reached which can then bring about a change to the society at large.  Social change may also be classified by whether or not it was a change that happened over a short period of time or a longer period of time.

Social change is pretty unique to humans. Due to our biology and ability to adapt, learn, and be flexible — especially as our environment changes around us—we are able to continuously inspire social change, even if we initially cause it. Hence, the changing social order.SYNE is a key partner in the ever changing, ever evolving social order designed to support the Social giving projects of non-profits. SYNE supports social causes of start-ups and corporates offering a secure payment network with worldwide reach and transparency making it ideal partner to work with in their journey to bring about change.

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