The Heat Treatment

Ever since COVID-19 hit mankind, one advisory that has been widely disseminated is about the importance of taking steam inhalation. Several studies claim that steam inhalation could reduce the COVID-19 viral load.

While it would be entirely incorrect to say that steam can kill COVID-19, it can be of help in your battle to fight the virus. Many global experts in fact nullify the effect of steam in COVID-19 treatment, however many doctors have recommended it in their prescription.

One unfortunate fallout of this has been several steaming accidents leading to burns in children and elderly. So, one needs to be extremely careful while making their children take steam inhalation.

  • Ensure the hot water is not spilling out
  • It is kept at a safe distance from the child and you.
  • Sit with a towel on your lap.
  • Allow steam take a more regular flow.
  • Bring your nose and mouth near to the nozzle/ steamer mouth.
  • Do not take steam more than 2-3 times a day as overdoing steam can make your face and neck dry, which can lead to fungal or bacterial infection too.

Once you ensure precautions while steaming, you can amplify your steaming sessions by adding some ingredients like carom seed (bishop’s weed/ ajowan caraway/ ajwain) to your steamer. Many COVID-19 recovered patients have shared that they put these in their steamer, while others have used eucalyptus oil to clear the nasal passage.

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