The COVID-19 effects in our Blood

COVID-19 is a very complex illness and attacks the body in different ways, ranging from the mild to life threatening affecting organs and tissues of the body, including the blood.

Blood Clots

When blood clots and block the flow of blood in a vein or artery, the tissue nourished by that blood vessel gets deprived of oxygen causing them to perish.

Some infected people develop abnormal blood clotting and there is a massive inflammatory response.  Serious illnesses, especially ones that cause inflammation, are associated with blood clots. Research is still exploring if the blood clots seen in severe cases of COVID-19 are unique in any way.  

Impact of COVID blood clots

  1. The nervous system – Blood clots in the arteries can cause a stroke.  
  2. The kidneys – Can lead to kidney failure and complicate dialysis.
  3. Rashes – Small blood clots lodged in tiny blood vessels can result in a rash.
  4. COVID toe – Tiny blood clots can cause reddish or purple areas on the toes, which maybe itchy or painful; the rash resembles frostbite.

Sickle cell disease (SCD)

Those having blood clotting illnesses like SCD may face serious consequences if affected by COVID. SCD is found mostly in black people and the high serious coronavirus infections among them could be related to health disparities that make African Americans more vulnerable to severe illnesses like COVID.

COVID and the mosquito

There is no evidence that anyone has ever caught the virus from a mosquito bite.

DONOR awareness

Donating or receiving blood is not a risk factor. One can donate blood once completely better and your plasma might even be useful to help other patients since it may contain antibodies that can be used to help another person fight off the virus.

Blood types

Some studies show possible correlation between blood types O and B and a lower risk of catching SARS-CoV-2 or having a severe case of COVID- 19 while others show more severe infection among people with type A or AB blood.  For now, scientists advise not to assume anyone is at a lower or higher risk due to their blood type.

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