Social change defined

If you have wondered, “What is social change?”  then surely you must have heard of the term thrown around before.  Social change may have several definitions and it is very complex.  As humans living in this world, understanding social change and how it has played a role in our lives historically, will allow us to spur social change now and in the future.

The relevance of Social Change

Social change is defined as the way in which human interactions, relationships, behaviour patterns, and cultural norms change over time. These changes ultimately transform cultural and social institutions, concepts, and rules, which will inevitably impact society for the long-haul. These changes and transformations are not necessarily good or bad, but they are profound. On the surface, we may not notice social change; it can take years — even centuries — of action to cause one change.

As members of a rapidly changing society, it’s important to look back on social changes of the past and how they’ve influenced us now. For instance, at one point, women were not able to watch the Olympics forget competing in it or study at university. Today, both men and women, of all races, religions, nationalities, and creeds, can do these.  As is evident without social change progress will be nil.

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