The History of Social change

Any change related to humans has been happening since our species has appeared. Humans have adapted and changed throughout the thousands of years of existence. If we hadn’t, we’d still be hunter-gatherers or be extinct. To discuss the history of social change, then we need to look at the first examples, studies, and theories of it.

There are three basic ideas of social change, which were prominent in ancient Greece and Rome: Decline or degeneration, Cyclic change and Continuous progress. The last one led to many more philosophical ideas of social change beginning in the 17th century, from well-known social thinkers like Adam Smith.

This led to other social change theories, like those of social evolution by Herbert Spencer or Charles Darwin and to more complex theories, since social change is an ongoing process by people like Karl Marx, which expanded on social change to ideas like communism, socialism, and slavery.

Theories will continue to evolve as humans continue to evolve, and as we’re presented with other issues in our society that will spur a need for another social change.

Change begins with how and when we interact with others and is usually inspired by ideological, political, and economic movements. Social change usually starts at the bottom and works its way up, first to society on a mass scale, and eventually, lawmakers and people in power.

 It can move top down as well, like when a new leader comes into office. This means we will have to listen to the opinions of others and have what could be difficult conversations in order to make a change. It’s about listening to another person’s perspective on a given issue, even if you don’t necessarily agree. It’s also about being persistent and fighting for what you believe in, even if it’s not easy.

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