Non-profits and the Hamlet syndrome

During this pandemic there is a prevailing sense of gloom with dislocation, fear, and trauma etc. Needless to add, non-profits are struggling mightily with the pandemic and economic collapse being an existential threat.  Everything is uncertain. Everyone is on edge.

Much will depend on money and non-profits need cash to keep staff on the payroll, to pay rent and utilities, to provide a semblance of services during this period of social isolation, and, simply, to survive.  They are hoping their donors will ride to the rescue. Every charitable organization wants to receive contributions right now, but very few have the temerity to ask their donors for a gift since they know that people feel fragile and are worried.

Non-profits need to keep soliciting gifts since their survival depends on it.  To ask or not to ask is the key question.  A catch 22 situation indeed for one need funds for survival, but how to ask those who themselves might be undergoing bad times?

There is no clear set of guidelines for how charitable organizations can and should raise the subject of contributions in the midst of a crisis.  What we need is a thoughtful and elegant approach during chaotic times. These are unprecedented times, and we are all learning as we go along. Here’s what I learned from this letter: that there is indeed a way for non-profits to offer support and to seek it at the same time.

 One can write to members, asking about welfare, expressing sadness at not being able to share experiences together, recounting past memorable performances, and only then gently asking “those of you who can” to consider a gift to help the organization through this fraught time.

 As is evident Non-profits face a conundrum during the present pandemic.   The best approach is to continue to make solicitations, but show empathy and commitment to the people they serve. This will show that we’re all in this to help one another and ask for contributions   gracefully making those you reach out to will be much more likely to respond by opening their wallets.

SYNE understands the present-day sensitivities and helps non-profit raise funds by designing sensible communication relevant to the potential investors. The SYNE platform offers a worldwide reach that might have been otherwise out of bounds for a non-profit and couples it with the much-needed transparency, especially when each penny is hard earned than ever.

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