Meeting ‘Education’ at the Crossroads!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to further cloud our world, the quality of education delivered to the students seems to be further declining. This is a subject that needs to be addressed. Education builds the youth, the changemakers. It helps us form perspectives and make a well-informed decision. However, through fighting the war against COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming youth of the generation is paying a larger price. The past year, 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for us all. The students have been stepping in and out of attending their on-campus classes as per the COVID-19 cases emerging from their country and state of residence. This has taken a toll on the quality of education delivered to the students.

There is a silver lining! (Phew) This adversity has brought upon innovative ways of delivering education to the students. The situation has given rise to and popularised the concept of hybrid learning; combination of virtual learning and on-campus classes. This has opened a wide range of opportunities for students and teachers to engage themselves in fun and creative learning-teaching programs.

This situation has introduced a learning space where the students can explore and learn concepts themselves as well as present their learning in any form of their comfort and choice. The explosion of the accessibility to the internet, social networking platforms and media platforms have enabled students and teachers to gain knowledge from across the world. The world is shrinking, and for this scenario, it is for the best!

But, wait! Before we step into the world of accessing further knowledge, we first need to look into ourselves. Due to the pandemic outbreak, 1.6 billion children are out of school, and the rest were out of the school premises for a significant period of time, leading to a learning gap. Hence, the schools and government collectively must assess and identify the learning gaps to customise a learning environment and teaching module for the students.

To ease this process of transitioning from the conventional form of learning to an efficient hybrid form of learning, we can do our bit.

SYNE Foundation is working towards ensuring all students gain quality education across the globe. We collaborate with funding bodies and other implementing bodies to make this vision a reality.

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