Mask it up

In this COVID-19 pandemic it is said that Batman and Spiderman would feel safer than a Superman for they wear masks with their costumes. Of course, comic aficionados would point out that Superman is from Krypton making him to earth’s viruses so we will leave it to them to argue that.

As far as regular earthlings are concerned, we have been hit by the second wave – and third / fourth waves has hit in certain places. The new normal seems to be Double masking, with cloth and surgical masks, that can prevent leakage of air and fit the contours of the face better as some studies in US have found. It has been found that wearing double masks reduces COVID-19 risk by as much as 95%.

Let us look at some Dos and Don’ts:

The Dos of ‘double masking’

  • Breathe easy. You need to ensure that your breathing is easy.
  • Talk freely. Double masks should not hinder your speech.
  • Practice.  Wear the double masks and walk around so that you get used to it.

The Don’ts

  • Too much isn’t good. Don’t wear 2 surgical masks or 2 disposable masks at same time.
  • Don’t wear an N95 mask along with any other.
  • Don’t use chemical disinfectants on masks
  • Put away soiled or damaged masks

Try these self-checks before you step out

  • When you breathe in, the mask should press in with the air flow.
  • If your glasses fog, clearly air is going out.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and practice breathe out forcefully. If you blink, air has hit your eyelids and is escaping around the mask.

SYNE actively suggests following the COVID-19 etiquettes of masking, social distancing and handwash as well as vaccinations. True to what it advocates, the fundraising methods of SYNE that confirm to the etiquette of these times while facilitating impact funding.  SYNE’s secure payment network provide worldwide reach as well as transparency that makes it an ideal partner for non-profits.

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