Is Social Change Hard?

Social change may be a familiar term to some, but there may be other examples and terms of social change that are more familiar to others. These terms may be used interchangeably by various organizations depending on what feels the most relatable to their audience:

Social change, Social justice, Social activism, Civic engagement, Civic dialogue, Community building, Social capital, Community development, Cultural vitality

Is Social Change Hard?

If you think that social change is hard, then you’re right. Humans may engage in social change all the time, but to actually spur true social change for something you believe in is not easy.

That being said, one of the gifts that social change has given us is the internet and the ability to connect with others who share a common goal, while also being able to have discussions with others who may think differently. It takes work and dedication, but it is certainly possible.

Social Change Begins with Us

With education and community, we can have difficult conversations that can lead to social change. It has been done before, and it will happen again. It’s how society has changed not only laws, but cultural norms and expectations, leading to more acceptance and tolerance. Of course, there will always be opponents to different types of social change, no matter how far we come.

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