GIVE until it HURTS….it makes you HAPPY!

One feels good after making a charitable donation but feels even   better when it is made directly to someone they know or in a way that builds social connection. Research shows how social connection helps turn generous behaviour into positive feelings on the part of the donor.

A study was carried out to examine when the emotional benefits of giving to charity become manifest. Three studies of charitable donations, more precisely pro-social spending found that spending money on others or giving money to charity leads to the greatest happiness boost when giving fosters social connection.

Donors feel happiest if they give to a charity via a friend, relative or social connection rather than simply making an anonymous donation to a worthy cause. This implies that not-for-profit organizations hoping to maximize donations can look at   recruiting advocates to build on their social connections could have benefits for the donors too.  

It is possible that if donors have a greater sense of happiness when giving involves making a social connection one might imagine that the positive emotions might even lead to more frequent and perhaps bigger donations.

Extrapolating further donors might be more likely to become advocates for a given cause or benefit it through their spontaneous word-of-mouth marketing. The findings also complement earlier research that has demonstrated a positive effect on happiness of social interaction and taking part in voluntary work.

SYNE facilitates the ‘giving’ by being the catalyst for investors achieve happiness through social giving. SYNE connects investors with non-profits having worthwhile causes offering a wide platform for fund raising combining reach as well as transparency.

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