Foresight is the key to handling this pandemic

As COVID-19 pandemic hit us, the world we had known lies in tatters. The systems we had built up over decades are disrupted and there is uncertainty, panic and fear. Interventions by the government and other institutions do not seem to be succeeding yet.

The world has been witnessing numerous big and small events that are changing it beyond recognition. Climate change, social polarisation, technology and many other factors are contributing immensely to this process. The process of change did not start with the virus, but it has accelerated with the pandemic.

It has been said that whole sectors and industries may be either obliterated or refashioned beyond recognition. Areas of our personal and social lives have been badly impacted and will have to be redrawn.  

In our response to this change, we are using the tools and techniques developed while dealing with earlier challenges based on our experience in the past and rooted in hindsight.  When it comes to disruptive change, hindsight provides no comparable example to fall back on and hence falls short.  When people let their guard down when authorities relaxed the restrictions, we are being hit by a new wave, with mutations of the virus.

The need of the hour is a framework to help void making choices that may lead to unintended and uncomfortable consequences. A tool that takes advantage of the learnings from hindsight but importantly, not limited by it. A tool that allows us to collaborate, whether we have the relevant experience or not, since nobody actually has the experience of dealing with such massive change. A tool that helps us to visualise worst-case scenarios and avoid them.

We must deploy our foresight to visualise multiple possible choices in every situation which helps make intentional choices with a larger awareness than just projecting our experience into the future in a linear fashion.   When we act as an intentional choice and not a response, we will be able to understand where we are heading.   

Foresight, based on creative visualisation of possible consequences of our choices and then deciding which choice is most beneficial, is the tool that can steady our rocking boat.

SYNE is indeed a platform having foresight designed to support fund raising needs in Social giving projects of non-profits. SYNE offers change makers a safe and secure payment network with worldwide reach and transparency and that makes it an ideal partner to work in their journey to social change.

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