Etiquette during Covid times

As more people get vaccinated, the ways we interact with each other are starting to change. While some are comfortable forgoing Covid precautions, others aren’t—leading to some awkward social situations.  Nobody knows how to interact with each other as vaccines change our social expectations. Here’s some tips how to handle it.

Know your boundaries. Be clear in your own mind about what you are comfortable with. Be ready to put your foot down—insisting on a mask or your personal space—if anything feels invasive.

Ask questions. It is OK to say things that your instincts may tell are impolite, such as asking about whether someone has been vaccinated, telling whether you have been vaccinated and requesting to meet outdoors and staying 6 feet apart. Be careful to avoid judgment, and don’t get into politics. If you cross that line it goes into another territory and those questions will often make people uneasy.

Have a line ready. Visualize an awkward encounter and prepare. Think what you might say in such a scenario and be ready with something to say.  Don’t explain, or be funny, or apologize. Make it brief and to the point. Being prepared is easier than reaching for the right in the moment where social pressure is at play.

SYNE has its fundraising etiquettes ready in these trying times that are unobtrusive plans to facilitate impact funding.  SYNE offers safe and secure payment network with worldwide reach and transparency and that makes it an ideal partner for non-profits, especially during these trying times.

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